Welcome to Mobilizing Minds: Pathways to Young Adult Mental Health, a multi-year, multi-province knowledge mobilization research project that focuses on young adult mental health. Our team includes young adults, researchers, health professionals, youth engagement experts


Project Lead Message

Health is one of the most important sources of security in life, affecting our ability to care for ourselves, our family and home, and our work.  Among young adults the most common health problems are those affecting mental health: anxiety and depression. Young adults who face problems with stress, anxiety and depression are met


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Mobilizing Minds’ Young Adult Team includes young adult members from all over Canada. Young adult team members include both mental health consumers and supporters. The Young Adult Team’s main role is to guide and inform Read more...

Project Activity: We are now in Phase 5 of the project

  • Phase 1: Listening to Young Adults

    At the start of the project we reached out to young adults through surveys, interviews and focus groups to find out what they would want to know if they were experiencing a problem with stress, anxiety or depression. This work has involved young adults from the community at large, from colleges and universities, and those in the community who are experiencing or have experienced significant emotional distress or difficulties.

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  • Phase 2: Locating the information young adults want

    In Phase 1 we were able to speak with many young adults to find out what information they would want if they were experiencing stress, depression or anxiety; and how they would want to receive this information. In Phase 2, we used the method of 'knowledge synthesis' to locate the information that young adults want (via research-based information). We then summarized this research-based information into plain, youth-friendly language.

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  • Phase 3: Developing youth-friendly resources

    In Phase 3 we developed youth-friendly mental health resources for young adults which includes the information that they want in the formats that they prefer. The information summaries that were created in Phase 2 have been integrated into these mental health resources. 

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  • Phase 4: Evaluating our resources

    We are now in Phase 4 of the project and  have started to evaluate our three (3) young adult mental health resources. To do so, we are connecting with young adults, their supporters and professionals who serve them to find out what they think about these resources.

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  • Phase 5: Sharing our Resources

    In Phase 5, with the help of community stakeholders and partners, we will share and disseminate resources for young adults in a variety of formats across Canada in both official languages. We will use the help of organizations and professionals who serve young adults.

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